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Lasers have enabled a number of technological developments and have made various tasks faster, more accurate, and more efficient, from marking and welding to cutting in manufacturing. OSN laser powers innovations and offers manufacturing solutions for application in a variety of global industrial sectors. For many tasks that require for precise and regulated energy delivery, our laser machines are excellent as they are demonstrably more precise, flexible, and productive. The common applications are listed below. There are still a lot of applications, so feel free to test your materials if you’re interested in our laser machines.

Jewelry Application

Jewelry laser engraving, welding & cutting

Since a few years ago, fiber laser jewelry has been used by manufacturing and retail jewelers. Laser welding, laser engraving, and laser cutting have allowed them to provide their customers with the highest level of quality, craftsmanship, and service to their customers.

Laser for Electronic and semiconductor

Electronics laser marking, welding

Electronics are now ubiquitous. Laser marking and welding offer fine and precise micromaterial processing for a consistent level of quality and accuracy of electronic components and make the quantity production at a low cost available.